Enjoy the little things

Estas son cosas muy simples y pequeñas que puedes disfrutar como yo...
These are simple and little things you can enjoy like I did...

{La tranquila y relajante piscina -- The quiet and relaxing pool}

 (Dibujar sobre la arena o solo escribir tu nombre -- Drawing in the sand or just write my name}

 {Observar el agua mientras todos dormian por la mañana -- I used to watch the peaceful water while everyone were sleeping very early in the morning}

{Yo pense muchisimo aqui, una sesion de spa siempre ayuda a rejalar la mente y puedes pensar mas claro... -- I thought a lot here, a spa session is always relaxing and you can think more clear after one...}

2 comentarios:

  1. Looks beautiful! I love being up early in the morning, alone, before anyone else wakes up. It's so peaceful!

  2. So lovely and enchanting

    xo H